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Welcome to the Colorado Emergency Management Association

CEMA is a professional association representing the emergency management community in Colorado. CEMA's role is to provide representation on many state-wide committees, working groups and emergency management program teams. Furthermore, CEMA serves as an advisory organization to governance bodies on emergency management issues. CEMA's other roles include managing the state certification programs, legislative monitoring, awards /recognition program and membership services.

2019 Colorado Emergency Management Conference
"Putting the Pieces Together"

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CEMA Awards for 2018

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Conference Scholarships

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Conference Entertainment Survey
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Conference Requests Survey
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Conference Information Update
(Updated - 12/14/2018)

 Colorado Certified Emergency Manager
(CEM/AEM) Program 

CO-CEM / CO-AEM Certification

 Colorado EOC Position Task Book
 Certification Program 

CO-EOC Position Task Book Certification

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